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May 2014

Our latest news is that Ari has retired from her 26 year career and is planning the "best summer ever" with the kiddos.  Britt finished 4th grade and Riley finished 2nd grade and had a great first year in Colorado!

May 2013

After much prayer, we followed our hearts and made a big move to Littleton, CO.  We miss our Naperville friends and church but have been distracted by all the newness here.  The kids finished the last 3 weeks of 1st and 3rd grades here.  Teachers and neighbors have been very welcoming.  We have attended 3 churches here but still looking for the best one for us to get connected and grow.

April 2012

We brought home a puppy!  Yes, Mike and I decided a month or two ago we were ready to add to the family.  We decided it was best to wait until we completed a couple of trips.  So we worked with Angels on Wheels to rescue a pup who needed a home.  We met little Skylar on Saturday, April 7th and brought her home!